Sheep farming


About Sheep farming

Sheep farming is the raising and breeding of domestic sheep. It is a branch of animal husbandry in which the animal is bred and kept in farms. It produces different types of meats and different varieties of wool.

The fibre from wool are utilized for making a variety of products such as fabric, woollen carpets, fishing nets, ropes, hats, carding yarn and more.

The breed of sheep ranges from meat sheep to meat and dairy sheep, dairy sheep are raised for producing milk and cheese, meat sheep are raised for producing meat and dairy products such as lamb and mutton. The raising of sheep can be done through different farming methods.

Some are concerned about making a profit and they prefer the open grazing method. The yield of sheep depends on the farming method. Usually a person starts raising sheep once the heifer is of age and gives birth to the first born male sheep. At the age of 4 months the ram is usually separated from the mother and kept at the outside for producing lambs. He is fed with the mother’s milk and fresh pasture.

After 3 months the farmer tends to feed the young ram with his milk, and grain. They keep him at this age with the mother for 3 more months. At the age of 9 months the young ram is fed with his own milk and grass. At the age of 12 months the shepherd tends to the young ram for 2 months.

The farmer cares for the ram for 15 months, after the ram gives birth to a sheep and after this it is fed with its own milk and grass. After finishing the training the person starts taking care of the sheep, they generally start this farming because of the reason that they would like to make a business of the product and profit. Usually farming has 3 seasons, they start with the breeding season in summer.

The farmer begins the breeding season by using the healthy and vigorous ram. Then they spend a couple of days on the breeding and training the ewes for making a good breeding in that season. After the breeding season in summer the farmer visits the farm often for checking the health of the sheep.

The flock can be sold in market during the day time or after night for earning the profit. The farmer spends time for milking the sheep every morning and evening. The dairy sheep produce the milk and milk products to be used for the needs of the family.

The shepherd begins milking the sheep in the morning and ends his work by milking the sheep in the evening. After finishing the milking work the shepherd continues with the grazing, the farmer feeds the sheep with different kinds of green fodder depending on the breed of sheep.

Sheep farming is a farming method which can be done by most of the farmers. Most of the farmers who prefer sheep farming believe that sheep farming gives them much more profit. Usually a farmer spends almost 1 lakh to 2 lakh in one year on sheep farming.

This amount can be saved by selling the sheep before the harvest season. The basic requirement for sheep farming is land. The land requirement for sheep farming can vary from one place to another depending on the land condition. Usually the land is divided into different plots


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