Red Sindhi


Red Sindhi cattle are the most popular of all Zebu dairy breeds.

Red Sindh is an improved version of the Afghan Red breed of livestock. Today, there are 22 breeds of cattle being produced in Sindh of Pakistan, most notably the Sindh Red Sindhi cattle.

This red-coated breed carries forward the immense wealth of this region, from red sandstone in Thar, the red sandstone of the Badin plateau and red soil in the Swat Valley. The red Sindhi cattle is believed to have originated in the mountainous regions of Sindh in the past, and its high milk production is one of the reasons why red Sindh cattle is most preferred for dairy farming in Pakistan.

The red Sindh is characterized by distinctive red skin markings, the red cattle is also known as the Malpura Red. Red Sindh cows have a red, blotchy skin. Red Sindh cattle is born brown in color. When they are about 6 months old, red and white stripes appear on the back of the neck and extend up to the rump. Red Sindhi cattle have broad, rectangular face, straight limbs, a short back and wide legs.

Red Sindh cattle weigh from 800-1,500 kilograms, with the average being 1,200 kilograms. They are well suited for terrain of Sindh. The cattle is known to have a lean but strong body, tough and strong feet and joints, ability to withstand long hours of hard labor and good resistance.

The cattle is also a carrier of deadly diseases like Zoonotic Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (mad cow disease), anthrax and leptospirosis. They are very resistant to the snake bites. Their high milk production, heat tolerance and disease resistance are the reasons why red Sindh cattle is the second best dairy breed in Pakistan, only beaten by Sindh Red Sindhi Red.

Red Sindh cattle is also known as Red Sindh, Sindh Red Sindhi Red and Red Sindh Red. Red Sindhi cattle has gained a well-deserved fame in Pakistan due to its exceptional quality.

Red Sindh cattle is an excellent breed of cattle, known to have a high production rate of milk per animal. Red Sindh cattle is a breed of animal, bred to get red and white skin with a deep red tint. The cattle has good resistance to heat and is excellent in taking the hard terrain of Thar, the most intense desert region of Pakistan. Their tolerance towards snake bites and dehydration is amazing.

The best thing about red Sindh cattle is that it is known to produce milk with the highest yield per animal in the world. They can produce up to 940 pounds of milk per animal per day, which is one of the reasons why red Sindh cattle is highly valued by farmers and breeders in Sindh. They also have the ability to produce high milk yield with both fat and dry milk components. The breeders use milk from red


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