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Everyone is constantly looking for isabgol, the latest miracle wonder pill. Most likely, the latest pill is a far better replacement for one, or many, of our already expensive and over-used medications.

My husband and I struggle with heartburn, yet our main method for dealing with heartburn in our early marriage was with tums. Since Ashwagola came to the rescue, I could not have been more relieved. I literally hated swallowing those tums because of the taste and smell and the hassle of taking them every day.

Since starting Ashwagola, I have had no heartburn whatsoever, and it has not been noticeable. With tums, I literally had to chew some up and swallow that took forever. It always made me feel like a hungry, hungrier tiger. Since Ashwagola does not make me feel hungry, I can actually stay ahead of that.

I have also not felt hungry. That is huge. Just having that free time to shop for a piece of fruit is so much more helpful than feeling hungry.

How does isabgol work?

• Ashwagola, or Ipecac-cullenolol as it is formally called, is a wonderful natural relief for heartburn. It comes from a plant found in Mexico and is used as a great natural antibiotic and anti-inflammatory. The goodness of this is pure gold for both heartburn and ulcers.
• The plant’s medicinal benefits are still being studied, but there are numerous accounts from past health practitioners who believe Ashwagola offers outstanding benefits for both heartburn and ulcers.
• Doctors have long agreed that these medicinal benefits are probably the main reason it works, but the study results aren’t currently available to show any benefits. However, the drug itself does have a few other amazing benefits.

The benefits of isabgol for heartburn

If you are suffering from heartburn, I would never even try to benefit from this on the number of benefits I have had. The benefits of Ashwagola and its benefits for heartburn are numerous, depending on which brand you buy and the number of pills you take.

Has anyone taken Ashwagola for heartburn and made it through without needing a prescription? Does this work?
• The benefits of Ashwagola for heartburn range from relief of symptoms to a heart-healthier, lasting longer.

These include the following benefits:

• Repairing the muscular walls that get damaged with heartburn.
• Protecting the lining of the stomach and ensuring it doesn’t get damaged by heartburn.
• Suppressing the negative digestive effects of heartburn.
• Reducing the strength of heartburn.
• Reducing the strength of ulcers.
• Quitting heartburn medications.
• Treating acid reflux by reducing the acids and reducing heartburn episodes.

Has anyone taken isabgol for heartburn and made it through without needing a prescription? Does this work?
If you have ever read one of my articles on heartburn, the answer is a big yes. Many people email me to ask questions about taking isabgol and have read plenty of stories.

I am very, very impressed with the benefits of taking Ashwagola for heartburn and very surprised at the number of benefits I am experiencing.

My daughter took it for two months and quit taking the tums, which was huge for us. My husband and I took Ashwagola for over two weeks and quit tums as well. And both my husband and daughter have reported on how good Ashwagola tastes. And let me add, one taste is all it takes.

The benefits of isabgol benefits for ulcers

Ashwagola can also be used to treat ulcers. It is a natural medicine that has powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-viral properties.
Has anyone ever tried to take Ashwagola to relieve ulcers? Did it work? Does this work?
One of the major complaints is that Ashwagola tastes awful, and it does not seem to go down well. The taste is in the distillation of the plant.

However, I have taken the same dose for ulcers, and it tastes great. I found that if I have it before eating and some good spices on the palate, it tastes just fine.
I believe that, in my experience, Ashwagola tastes like vinegar mixed with tarragon. However, the medicinal benefits for ulcers seem to be that it works well to stop heartburn and help heal ulcers.

The medicinal benefits of Ashwagola for ulcers are also powerful and include the following benefits:
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Has anyone tried isabgol for ulcers? Does this work?

Antibiotic and anti-inflammatory benefits. The medicinal benefits of Ashwagola are compelling and include the following benefits:
Removing the stomach acid.
Wetting out the ulcer, which will clean it from the inside out.

Leaving the ulcer dry.
Removing the stomach acid and toxins from the ulcer.
This can help make it stronger and healthy so that it will heal.
Reducing the acid and damaging effects of ulcers.

Another benefit is helping to reduce any inflammation that is happening from the ulcer.
I have heard it said that isabgol is a natural antibiotic and anti-inflammatory medicine for ulcers. I believe this is true and that it works.

If you take Ashwagola to relieve ulcers, would you like to know the other benefits? Would you like to know how this wonderful medicinal

I have also had a few people email me and tell me they did not need a prescription or to see a doctor to start using this natural medicine for their ulcer pain.

These people reported how they have been able to stop taking their medicine for a week for the first time in their lives. And when they retook it, they reported how they were relieved to feel better.

Has anyone ever taken Ashwagola for ulcers and made it through without a prescription or to see a doctor? Does this work?

My daughter used it for a week and had relief. One of my readers used it for two weeks. Another reader took it for a week. Yet another reader took Ashwagola for four weeks. And he used it to treat ulcers. His entire family did.
If you consider taking isabgol for your ulcer pain, make sure you read all the instructions first. Some people say that they have had no problems using it for ulcers, and they have found it to be an easy process.

Has anyone taken isabgol for ulcers and made it through without a prescription or to see a doctor? Does this work?
Ashtabula for heartburn

But what about my husband? Did he need a prescription?
My husband has been taking isabgol for heartburn since mid-February of this year. He has not had any problems with his heartburn or reflux since beginning to use this natural medicine for heartburn.

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